Friday, 16 December 2011

The Pandemonium 2011 Stocking Stuffer

... contains exactly three very short stories: one by Oz Vance, one by Den Patrick, and one by yours truly. And here's an extract!

“The problem is, we’re held to a different standard than the male villains.” Lillitha of Darkhaven, the Maestra of Misery herself, threw her fork down and pushed her small salad (dressing on the side) away in disgust.  “They get rated according to the number of Satanic pledges signed. Or world dominations schemes, whether they’re foiled, unworkable, or just plain stupid.  We get our bikini bodies compared.”

The Pandemonium Stocking Stuffer (which also features an introduction by Jared Shurin and the world's cutest cover-art, by Sarah Anne Langton) is on sale today on Amazons .com &

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